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The Art of Self Mastery

Gordon Professional PictureGordon Professional PictureBy Gordon S. Bruin M.A, C.M.H.C, American Board Certified Professional Counselor

There is a language that if understood, could change the way one looks at and treats addiction. The challenge is that the human brain is set up to reject this language. This makes it all the more challenging to get the word out. Imagine, trying to give the mind information that could heal it and it looks at the information as a threat to be defended against. Oh, the cunning nature of the addicted brain!
What we really want to hear are the words: cured, healed, fixed, restored. This is what we pray for, hope for and wish for. We do not want to hear that addiction is a chronic problem that will need to be managed for a long – long time and perhaps until the day one dies.
After spending countless hours treating those who struggle with addictions of all kinds, I am convinced more and more that the answer lies in the language we use to heal an addicted brain. There really is an Art to Self Mastery. This language teaches one to incorporate five simple strategies into daily life. It is not complicated and it is by the application of these small and simple things that great change can come about and most importantly last, and the great thing is that it doesn’t have to take a long time to do. With the proper information people can get better quickly.

The first strategy to the Art of Self Mastery is “Awareness”

Awareness means that we need to stay grounded in the present moment more often (But we need to be taught how to do this). It also means that we give proper consideration of the past and the future, two concepts of which makes conscious life possible. Both our past and our future are important parts of our stories but the only time we can ever really deal with anything is in the present moment.

We need to be aware of how our brain works and why a certain part of our brain known as the limbic system responds the way it does when experiencing pleasure in any form. The full explanation of what awareness is all about and how it applies to healing and recovery is found in the treatment system which comprises the book and the treatment manual. Through certain techniques and awareness training one can learn to quickly catch addictive thoughts and then stop the behavior from happening. Awareness also means that one embraces the fact that when it comes to addictive behaviors, “one time is too many and a thousand never enough”.

The second strategy to the Art of Self Mastery is “Acceptance”

This means that one needs to quit running from the reality that we live in a world full of challenges and problems. M. Scott Peck, M.D. states “Most do not fully see this truth that life is difficult. Instead they moan more or less incessantly, noisily or subtly, about the enormity of their problems, their burdens, and their difficulties as if life were generally easy, as if life should be easy.” When we learn to accept and embrace the challenges that life offers rather than running or being angry at them then we can find a freedom that lends strength that helps us deal with our issues in a proactive, positive manner one day at a time.

The third strategy to the Art of Self Mastery is to understand the paradox of “Surrender”

What? What do you mean surrender? I’m not surrendering to anything you might say. If I can just try a little harder I will be able to defeat my addiction. How many times have you made statements like this before and how has that worked for you? Have you been successful in conquering your addiction once and for all?” If you have already tried that hundreds if not thousands of times in the past what makes you think it will work now? The key to surrender is to learn how to let triggers, cravings and temptations be. I know that may sound strange but when you just let them be they cannot hurt you in any way. It is when you fight them or give them your attention that they become stronger. This is just how the instinctive part of the brain works when threatened in any way. This is also where the addiction lives. It lives in the deep subconscious part of the brain known as the limbic system where our pleasure centers are mainly found. The limbic system doesn’t understand the verbal language we try to use against it and that is why the addictive behavior hasn’t changed much.

The fourth strategy to the Art of Self Mastery is “Mindfulness”

With mindfulness training you will be taught the tools necessary that will allow you to pursue a course in life that you have chosen for yourself. As George Bernard Shaw states, “Life is not about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself.” Being mindful means learning how to choose a direction in life and then pursue it. The innergold manual will teach you how to create what is called “A Future Vision Statement” and then help you take the steps necessary to make it a reality. By becoming grounded in the strategies of mindfulness one can find the sacred place between stimulus and response where all decisions are made.

The fifth strategy to the Art of Self Mastery is “Faith”

Faith is a chosen belief that something will happen. It is the intelligent force that is behind all action. It is the power and energy that allows for the creation of things. This unlimited source is free for all of us but it is only accessed through our own belief system. If we don’t believe we can change, the power does not respond. Faith will give us whatever we choose. By being more mindful one can learn to stay centered in faith rather than doubt. It is a choice. As one becomes more grounded in the strategies of self mastery then one can more fully accept that everything we do is a choice whether we realize it or not.



Our unique information and treatment options addressing addiction and self control issues are changing lives in profound ways. Below are some of the comments we’ve received from the Innergold family recently.

Anonymous“You saved me. You saved my marriage. You saved my children.” 


generic-avatar“I just wanted to say thanks. I struggled with certain sexual addictions (pornography/masturbation) that I thought I’d never get rid of.”


generic-avatar“Every leader/mentor I approached would give me “surface” solutions to the problem and were never able to teach me how to stop the problem at its source.”


generic-avatar“My struggle began when I was 11 and endured with me for almost a decade and a half. All the while I figured I was doomed. My biggest fear was having boys of my own who struggled with the same issues. What would I tell them? I, as their father, couldn’t conquer these problems, so how could I expect them to do so? I felt weak, inadequate, etc.

I confided in a friend who recommended the InnerGold manual to me. I don’t remember how much I paid to get the PDF, but it has been the best purchase I ever made. The InnerGold manual approaches sexual addiction from a unique perspective; it confronts the addiction at its source.

The manual was an easy read and taught me the techniques necessary to achieve a level of complete sobriety, something I didn’t think existed. I have enjoyed about 2 and 1/2 years of complete sobriety. Words do my feeling no justice in this case.

You saved me. You saved my marriage. You saved my children.

With much confidence and assurance, I now await the day where my boys find themselves in a similar situation. I can tell them there is hope, I can tell them there is a way, and I can tell them I have not only been in their situation, but I have overcome it as well.

Thank you. B.K.”


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The manual has the latest and best information available on the subject. Those who read the manual will gain understanding on how food, drugs and pornography affects the brain why it is so dangerous and how to recover, once addicted.

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