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Same Sex Attraction

Is this program only for pornography or other sexual addictions like same sex attraction? The program encompasses all of those things: same gender attraction, heterosexual attraction. What I have found in working with a number of individuals through the years. A number of clients who actually struggle with same sex attractions. The information in the treatment manual, addresses their issues. The treatment is the same as it would be for someone who struggles from heterosexual attractions.

There are many that I have been working with who are sober, married and living happy lives right now. They have to learn how to manage it. Sexual addiction issues aren’t things that you overcome once and for all and the issue is done. It’s a life time process. Understanding mindfulness, awareness, acceptance and change but that is all encompassed in the treatment manual, teaching individuals about those concepts and how to think about this a little bit differently.

One of the greatest challenges and struggles that clients have when they come in, the first question they ask is, “How do I overcome this addiction, end this for once?” Whether it’s same gender attraction or pornography addiction. I teach them that we have to learn how to think differently about this, this isn’t something that you fix like that, once and for all, and it’s okay. That is a huge relief to individuals when they hear this. Our culture is all about fixing things once and for all. If our car breaks down, we take it and don’t drive it out until it’s fixed.

When individuals come in here, they are doing the same thing. “Well, fix me. How long is this going to take? Four weeks, eight weeks, twelve weeks?” I simply don’t have an answer for that.

My work is to teach them to think differently about that. It’s a life time issue.

It’s not something you can crush, kill and destroy once and for all.

I will ask them to go back and see how many times their past solution attempts have worked at actually stopping same gender attractions or stopping the pornography addiction. They say things like, “I’ve tried a hundred times and it hasn’t stopped.”

I say, “Well, that is why we have to think about this a little bit differently.” That is what the education process is about and the information in the treatment manual is providing for individuals.


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