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Complete Innergold Pornography Treatment Package (Christian-Based)

Developed by Gordon S. Bruin, a Christian Addiction Counselor,  the Innergold Treatment System is different than any other solution available. The system includes our entire line-up of streaming videos, podcasts and our book and manual. Everything you need to help yourself or a loved one discover how to manage their pornography addiction. Also included is our Spouse & Parent Support Manual, for those yearning to understand and support their loved one in their journey to recovery.

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My wife and I  went to a couple of marriage counselors in the past because we didn’t know where else to go.  One of them blamed my wife.  It was obvious to him that if she would just please me more, I wouldn’t have this problem. (Pornography Addiction)  My marriage just about ended and I was feeling like a total failure.  Why couldn’t I beat this thing?  Why couldn’t I crush it?  Or rip it out by the roots? 

Then we found Gordon and the Innergold system. For the first time someone could tell me the feelings I would cycle through as I was acting out and then being super good.  For the first time someone told me what thoughts and actions I can control, and which ones I can’t.  Before Gordon, no one had explained to me how the brain worked and why this is such a difficult issue to deal with. By following the exercises outlined in the manual and using the tools of daily planning, accountability, checking in and meditation, I’ve been able to achieve a healthy balance in my life.  No other program that I have tried or heard of hits all of these points.  It has also been a huge help to have these concepts explained to my wife so she can also understand what it is that we face together. Thanks Innergold for saving my marriage and life!”

- R.S.M.

“My name is Mark and I’ve been using the Innergold resources for about 3 years. I’ve used other recovery info before but Innergold was the easiest for me to understand and everything from them has been extremely helpful. I’ve made more progress in my recovery than ever since being with Innergold. I’m in my 50’s and my entire adult life I’d use porn on average of every 1-2 months and mb once or twice a day. I haven’t used porn in the past year and I can now avoid mb for a few days at a time. I know I still have a ways to go, but the more I’ve consistently done what Innergold teaches, the more progress I’ve made. I very much appreciate all Innergold is doing and you can too as there is a lot of real help to be found there.”


“So once again I want to thank Innergold from the absolute bottom of my heart for delivering me to a place I didn’t even think possible to go. So please never stop your service, I have a feeling there as the word gets around there will be a deluge of similar experiences pouring into your inbox.”

-Innergold Client

“All in all, I am a better person for having  taken your course. I also understand that this is no time to get complacent because of my 30 day success. I do know that today is the 1st day of the rest of my life and what I do today are seeds sown for my future.”

-Innergold Client

“Today, however, I was at complete, and I mean COMPLETE peace with the world. I could look people properly in the eye for the first time, I didn’t laugh nervously and unnecessarily, I didn’t get angry with things that annoyed me, I didn’t really mind or care for peoples approval or disapproval. It was the most liberating experience of my life and I think I am aware of why this has happened. As a result of reading chapter 2 I believe what I experienced was a paradigm shift. My whole view of myself and the world had made a dramatic change. I essentially no longer related my problem to my moral character. I didn’t view my problem as ‘who’ I am but ‘what’ has happened to me. I actually do believe it still can have moral implications if the right action isn’t taken, but for the first time in my life I was able to separate my addiction from who I was.”

-Innergold Client

“I went to a coffee shop today and read chapter 2 of the Treatment System and I can say I was moved to tears over what I read. Tears of sadness for gravity of the problem and others who have been so much more affected than me, and tears of joy for finally having a clear explanation of the problem and the hope that still exists. For the first time in my life I am not afraid of this disease and feel forewarned and forearmed to fight this head on. I also realized today that if it comes to it, I am prepared to go public and tell those I love what’s been going on in my life. I’ve never considered that as an option before, or at least one I was prepared to take. This has been one of the most liberating days of my life since realizing I had this problem. Sorry to ramble on to you about this, maybe you can pass on my sentiments to Gordon who I am starting to feel a great deal of admiration for.”

-Innergold Client

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